Saving Tips Electricity and Electronics

19 Nov 2009

Electricity rates rise again? Wow it seems the cost of living each day more and more frenzied. From now on you try to cut unnecessary expenses and save electricity. Here are tips on saving electricity and Electronics that is appropriate for you.

Apparently, too much electricity saving benefits lho. Early start we know used to live frugally. Rising fuel, food requirements increased. Let us together to reduce unnecessary electricity.

1. Avoid lighting electronics without a clear purpose. Suppose that turned on the television or visual entertainment media without our watch. This would be in vain. If there is nothing more deadly to watch it. Likewise with the use of electronic goods such as tape or the radio. No need to turn on the tape and TV simultaneously. One media entertainment is enough to enliven your room. Turn on the radio or tape it if we really want to hear it.

2. Avoid lighting AC (Air Conditioner) with too cold. Because of the cold temperature the higher the AC electrical power is needed. Turn on the AC if it really was hot. Use normal temperature so that your room temperature is stable. AC is too cold, too was not good for the body. In addition to causing skin dryness, air-conditioning can stimulate your eyes became watery.

3. Use electronics and electricity-saving equipment (using energy-saving lamps). Use the lights as needed. Do not turn on the lights excessively. Note also the number of points and power (watts) it. Use energy saving light because usually more durable. Do not use a lamp with a wattage that is too large in a small room, this will affect the temperature of your room as well. Do not forget to turn off the lights when it is not necessary if in the daytime.

4. Berhematlah with electronic goods for example, your washing machine. Do not usually to wash the washing machine every day. Use the machine in accordance with its capacity and follow the rules of water filling well and correctly. To dry your clothes better dried naturally with sunlight. In addition to drying saves natural way you can memperawet clothes. Too often use the dryer can damage your fabrics.

5. Be careful with electronics and electric cooker. If you use an electric cooking vessel from habit to cook at once and not have to use a heated rice. When it comes to eating just turn on your heating rice.

6. Likewise with the use of electronic goods such as electric irons. To further save setrikalah clothes in a lot of work. Note the crust in the back of your iron. Crust could inhibit the entry of the heat flow of electricity.

7. Maintain your refrigerator. Close the refrigerator with a meeting place with a distance of 15 cm from the wall so that heat loss process going well. Avoid foods and beverages include the still hot. Do not forget to regularly membersikan condenser to reduce the work machine. In addition to saving electricity you can preserve electronic goods your favorite.

8. Reduce electricity consumption, especially at peak times (17.00-22.00) and do not turn on electrical appliances simultaneously on time

For the sake of saving our electricity, we need to save hendaknyalah electricity in our homes, to ensure continuity of electricity supply by PT.PLN (Persero) and maintain keawatan electronics. Energy-efficient means to save costs.

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