Eureka Enviro Steamer

2 Jan 2010

When Eureka came out with the deluxe version of their Enviro Steamer
we decided to give it another trial and put it out for panel review.
This time it was in the middle of winter and we chose three problem
areas to put the Enviro-steamer through its paces. A furnace room with
a vinyl floor, a bathroom with a tile floor, a room with a vinyl floor
primarily used to house a cat litter box. All these areas had not been
cleaned, their shame-faced owners admitted in “nearly a year”. We also
threw in a kitchen tile floor that was similarly filthy, [yes let's be
frank here]. So we reckoned these were a fitting challenge for the

Having been somewhat half hearted in our review last year of the standard Enviro-steamer
steam cleaner
, we were pleasantly surprised with this one. The
improvements in the deluxe version were sorely needed, but Eureka did
come up with solutions.

This steam cleaner can be assembled fast and quickly without even
referring to the manual. It heats up fast and the new side clips hold
the waffle cloth firmly in place. Thoughtfully, Eureka provides a replacement cloth with every steam cleaner kit, and the cloths are sturdy and will last a while.

The new “ready” and “empty” warning lights on the machine are just
plain good common sense, and the steam cleaner, while only lasting 15
minutes before needing a refill, nevertheless cools down quickly and
refilling seemed painless and fast.

So how did the Enviro Steamer
rise to the challenge? Well it certainly cut through a tremendous
amount of ground in dirt quickly and painlessly in all four rooms.
Using vapor steam, a boon for those with chemical sensitivities, the
machine lifted up more dirt than we care to mention. The waffle cloth
absorbed a tremendous amount before it needed washing and replacing.

The Enviro Steamer is no longer available. We suggest our new steam mop.

We were tackling the grimiest of jobs. However, we found
that when the waffle cloth got full of dirt, it was inconvenient,
compared to a squeeze mop and a bucket of hot water, to wash the cloth
and put back a clean one. This wouldnt be an issue with most normally
dirty floors but our cloth needed to be replaced on the end of the
steam cleaner head several times, otherwise we were just pushing around
dirty water. You have to really go to a sink to rinse out the cloth and
you need to turn off the steam cleaner as you take the cloth off, and
then start it up again on return. We thought later that it might have
been more convenient to take a bucket of clean water along with us to
rinse out the cloths, but we were trying to avoid that extra step.

The steam in the machine also can take the shine off some vinyl
floors, (there is a warning about this in the manual), and it did in
fact reduce the shine a little on one of our floors.

The Enviro Steamer is no longer available. We suggest our new steam mop.

We liked the Eureka Enviro Steamer. We can see that this
steam cleaner could become a favorite household-cleaning tool, since
floor cleaning with it is virtually effortless and it is the ultimate
in hygiene. We feel it is best suited for tile floors.

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