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    Eureka Enviro Steamer

    When Eureka came out with the deluxe version of their Enviro Steamerwe decided to give it another trial and put it out for panel review.This time it was in the middle of winter and we chose three problemareas to put the Enviro-steamer through its paces. A furnace room witha vinyl floor, a bathroom with a tile floor, a room with a vinyl floorprimarily used to house a cat litter box. All these areas had not beencleaned, their shame-faced owners admitted in “nearly a year”. We alsothrew in a kitchen tile floor that was similarly filthy, [yes let's befrank here]. So we reckoned these were a fitting challenge for theEnviro-steamer. Pluses Having been somewhat half hearted in our review last year of the standard Enviro-steamersteam cleaner, we were pleasantly surprised with this one


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