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    Keurig B60 Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

    The Keurig B60 is designed to make single serving hot beverages using the Keurig K-cup system. The B-60 makes it easy to brew single cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate with no muss and no fuss. The 48 ounce reservoir makes up to 8 cups of coffee without refilling, and is removable for easy filling and cleaning. The B-60 offers a couple of features that arent available on the lower cost B20 and B40, including the choice of three cup sizes for your coffee the 9.25 serving size is ideal for travel mugs and an adjustable temperature setting that lets you set the water temperature from 187 degrees to 192 degrees in one degree increments. In addition, you have full control over brewing time so that you can have your coffee just the way you like it. The Keurig B60 also features a removable
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