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    Zune HD AV Dock Reviews

    Well I just learned something new, in my impulse to get a Zune HD dock, I chose this one, but after reading the review here and researching it, well, I would’ve saved the $40 by only getting the USB Sync Dock. The USB Sync Dock has the same remote, HD radio antenna, and USB cable - which is basically all that you need. For the record, I will state the old Zune a/v dock (Zune 30, 4, 8, 80, 120gb) still works with the new Zune HD - just no HD output and NO FM antenna and it won’t auto go to TV-Output - this means you’ll have to manually set this everytime, if you have an LCD in your car and want to output the awesome Zune UI to your LCD. I will also state the old Zune remote works with the new Zune HD A/v dock, even though it has 4 less ‘buttons’ - you can s


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